How to be future ready for the next wave of IoT

IoT has stepped on the accelerator, unlocking new experiences, capabilities, functions, and features while improving how we live, work and how we impact the environment.

However, wins aren’t guaranteed. This special edition of the IoT Now Innovators Guide reveals what today’s innovators will need to be future ready.

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“Technology is not the only force at play in IoT innovation. To have success, you have to assemble a complex range of capabilities, enabling technologies and resources. This is difficult enough on its own, but you have to do this while estimating where the market will be and where enabling technologies will be by the time your product is ready.”

– George Malim, Managing Editor

What’s inside the Innovators Guide?

  • IoT innovation demands bigger building blocks of pre-integrated capabilities

  • Why IoT has stepped on the accelerator not the brakes in the pandemic

  • Everything you need to know about the IoT SAFE initiative for secure IoT

  • How eSIM is opening up new use cases and richer IoT experiences in healthcare, sports, and hotels

  • What’s the largest community of IoT buyers up to?

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IoT Thought Leaders

Is it possible to define a rationale for successful innovation in IoT?

How eSIM and iSIM can create a new simplicity where connectivity and hardware act together

Low power consumption, miniaturisation, and out-of-box connectivity drive IoT innovation

The products and services that will influence IoT in 2022

“The most innovative people I know, work on the basis that the current problems we have will have been solved in five years’ time. They take a more visionary approach and focus their efforts on solving futuristic problems.”

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